Is Time on Your Side?

I love how this post is vague enough be applicable to everyone’s life, yet specific enough to apply to a specific decision in your life. With every decision, there is always an easy choice and a right choice. Choose your life wisely!

A Dose of real

Have you ever stood at a crossroads and been completely overwhelmed? So many different paths all glowering at you, tapping their foot, impatiently waiting for you to make your decision…a decision that could be life-altering. There never seems to be enough time when it comes to making important decisions. Why do they have to feel so rushed? I have a friend who often reminds me that we have time. Time to wait, time to see what happens, time to relax and not worry about making decisions right away. However, if you drag them out, you spend most of your time stressing and fretting about them, which is exhausting. So, most of us just take that step, take that leap and chose a path. If you are lucky, you trusted your gut and chose the right path, the path that may be a little bumpy, because…you know life…but overall a very…

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What did you resonate with?

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