Ignorance vs. stupidity

Lack of understanding is due to ignorance, or stupidity.

Strike 1: Ignorance

  • state of not knowing something which is knowable.
  • lack of knowledge or information

Now you know…

Strike 2: Stupidity

  • lack of intelligence
  • lack of good sense
  • poor judgement

Everyone makes mistakes…

There are two types of stupidity:

Ball 1: Honourable stupidity

  • the inability to understand

You couldn’t have known better…

Strike 3: Intelligent stupidity

  • the unwillingness to understand
  • willful ignorance
  • moral deafness to learning already received.

You’re out!

Intelligent stupidity is the root cause of today’s biggest issues.

  • I do not empathize with those unwilling to learn.
  • I won’t sympathize with those unwilling to engage in honest discourse.
  • Those who rationalize or justify their refusal to understand receive no mercy from me.
  • Those who project or blame are simply ignored.

– Yuri

shared ignorance

But if you are bewildered, is it not clear from what has gone before [118b] that you are not only ignorant (ἀγνοεῖς) of the greatest things, but while not knowing them you think that you do?

I am afraid so.

Alack then, Alcibiades, for the plight you are in! I shrink indeed from giving it a name, but still, as we are alone, let me speak out. You are wedded to stupidity (ἀμαθίᾳ) my fine friend, of the vilest kind; you are impeached of this by your own words, out of your own mouth; and this, it seems, is why you dash into politics before you have been educated. And you are not alone in this plight, but you share it with most of those who manage our city’s affairs, [118c] except just a few, and perhaps your guardian, Pericles.

— Alcibiades Major…

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