Gratitude is strewn all over the place. Find it, gather it up, pile it in to yourself, fill yourself up, get more, stuff in extra, then dish it out to people who could use some reciprocation from you. Gratitude is free and the world could use more of it.

You can attune yourself to notice it more often by imagining worst case scenarios (yes, including death). If that seems a bit intimidating, you can get a pen and paper out and brainstorm.

Off the top of my head, I am grateful:

  • for my solitude.
  • for the internet.
  • for my health.
  • for my sensitivity.
  • for every experience in my past.
  • for my love of learning.
  • I’m able to find or instill great meaning into anything I wish.
  • for my ability to think critically as well as creatively.
  • for my congruent understanding of reality.
  • for my emotional intelligence.
  • for my intolerance for cognitive dissonance and inauthenticity.
  • my future self will be proud of me.
  • for my intuition.
  • for my mad pattern-recognition skillz
  • for my responsibilities.
  • for my commitment to radical honesty.
  • I can trust myself completely.
  • for my perspective-shifting mastery.
  • for my equanimity.
  • for inner peace.
  • I have no regrets.

I know, I know…most of these are qualities in myself, but these are what came to me first! Go fig… I guess I am self-centered.

I intuitively feel there are 1000s more, though, and I don’t want to offend anyone, so I’m also grateful:

  • for my soul mates: those 5 non-judgemental masochists who understand me enough to resonate with my being.
  • for my messed up family: those 4 others who nurtured me and never quit on me.
  • for all the other caring people in my life who tolerate me. Maybe 8 others.

What are you grateful for?

What did you resonate with?

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