Loving the Frightened

She fears:

  • rejection, so she doesn’t commit.
  • vulnerability, so she stonewalls.
  • society, so she imprisons herself.
  • the outdoors, so she doesn’t go anywhere.
  • the unknown, so inhabits her comfort zone.
  • humiliation, so won’t try.
  • chaos, so she avoids change.
  • criticism, so feigns inadequacy.
  • losing control, so won’t allow herself to feel.
  • conflict, so she won’t assert herself.
  • the now, because it might bore her.
  • the past, so escapes to the future.
  • the future, so she fantasizes.
  • life, so shoots people all day.
  • death, because she has no morals.
  • the truth, so forfeits meaning.
  • responsibility, so will never be free.
  • herself, so distracts herself from herself.
  • the written word, so blinds herself into illiteracy.
  • her mind, so she narcotizes.
  • her values, so she won’t examine them.
  • expectations, knowing she will not live up to them.
  • her emotions, so she is an emotional child.
  • reality, so she deludes her narrative.
  • logic, so behaves irrationally.
  • true love, so won’t commit.
  • fear itself, so she is enslaved by it.

I remember my fearful days. I had to ask myself some serious questions, such as:

  1. Is the fear legitimate?
  2. What’s the worst case scenario?
  3. What’s likely to happen?
  4. Is that worse than the situation now?
  5. Am I being 100% honest with myself?

And I learned an empowering phrase I still use today, on a daily basis whenever I find myself fearful, avoidant, procrastinating, or hesitant. I tell myself aloud to “fkit” and do it regardless of what my over-analytical mind is thinking.

– Yuri

2 thoughts on “Loving the Frightened

  1. A Powerful and in-depth look at the now as analyzed by a thinker. It fills me with pride to see you put yourself out there, Yuri. I look forward to more entries

    Liked by 2 people

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